How This Basketball Player Is Making a Difference On & Off the Court

Alysha Clark wants to motivate you to live your best life.

Alysha - Final

WNBA player Alysha Clark knows what it's like to have life suddenly upended. After sustaining a career-halting injury and being in another country when the pandemic started, she was left with a lot of uncertainty in her life. So when she got home, she decided to shift her perspective and to be thankful that she was having that time to be at home with family — something she rarely had as a professional basketball player.

"And so my goal every year is to come in and be better than I was the year before," she said,

Alysha is a member of USANA's "Winner's Circle," a group of high-performance athletes who prioritize every aspect of their health to be the best in their game — while also managing their personal lives. Alysha wants to motivate you — and show you how — to live your best life.

"To me, being a part of the 'Winner's Circle' is understanding that to be great is getting little victories along the way. You're constantly finding wins. And I think when you find wins on small levels, it equates to the wins on the big levels. That's what makes a winner and that's what, to me, being a part of the 'Winner's Circle' is," she added,

Watch Alysha's full video above to see how she fuels herself to rise above her limitations.

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