What Your Astrological Sign Can Tell You About Your Health

See what your astrology sign reveals about your health.

What Your Astrological Sign Can Tell You About Your Health

For centuries, we have used astrological signs to better understand elements of our personality and partially account for the way we interact with the outside word. When we first meet someone, we may notice their "Capricorn determination" or "Taurus stability," but astrological signs may reveal a lot more about our health. Many astrologers have linked the image of the Vitruvian man with the zodiac cycle to indicate which sign governs over specific parts of the body. According to Rebecca Gordon, an astrologer and author of "Your Body and the Stars," your astrological sign can help pinpoint distinct regions where you might experience health problems.

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Aries: Head of the Ram

People that fall under the Aries sign are known for being resourceful, assertive, and headstrong. An Aries can tend to “ram or dive in to things head first.” When an Aries feels blocked, this pent-up energy may appear in the form of migraines, sinus issues, or even jaw tension.

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