7 Sneaky Summer Stressors & How to Beat Them

When the heat's got you down, here's how to stay cool as a cucumber.

7 Sneaky Summer Stressors & How to Beat Them

Summer is supposed to be full of sunshine and relaxation. But as the temperatures soar, our patience goes down. Here are some stress points you may not realize are taking all the happiness out of the season — and what to do about them so you can enjoy time with your friends and family.

The Heat

OK. The fact that the heat is stressing us out isn't that much of a secret. But it goes beyond just being hot and uncomfortable. Burning up can leave us feeling irritable, impatient, and short-tempered. Check the thermometer. Your bad mood might not have to do with your family. Here's a quick way to get a temperature check on yourself.

Solution: Pour yourself a tall glass of ice water and sit in front of a fan or air conditioner for about 10 minutes until you cool off. Frozen treats might do the trick, too! Take a check of your mood and, when you're ready, head back out with your family.

For some other cool and refreshing recipes when it's just too hot outside, here are Dr. Oz's Favorite Summer Drinks.

Electricity Costs

High temps mean rising utility costs — and we all hate bigger electricity bills. If you have children home from school or you aren't working at the office, your AC might be running 24/7. That's a lot of power. Here's how to cut costs.

Solution: Keep the blinds drawn from the morning on so your house stays dark and, therefore, cool. Make sure your ceiling fans are running correctly: the blades should be going in a counterclockwise direction. Turn your air conditioner to energy saver mode so it shuts off when the room reaches your desired temperature, instead of constantly running. Turn off the A/C completely if the house is empty most of the day.

Hectic Schedules

The kids are on summer break, which means you're taking them to summer camp, friends' houses, sports games and day trips to crowded summer destinations. Your calendar is more packed than ever. Here's how to calm things down.

Solution: Block out at least one day each week when you don't have anywhere to go. Call it a "staycation" day at home. You can plan for movie watching, backyard activities like water balloon tosses, pizza delivery for dinner, etc. Tell the kids you're not getting in the car and going anywhere that day. Ask other parents if you can share carpooling responsibilities throughout the week.

Burglary Worries

You've probably heard that you shouldn't be posting photos from your vacation on social media feeds — but why? It's because you could be letting potential criminals know you aren't home at all. But even if you don't share pics, the thought of your home being unoccupied for so long is a lot to worry about. So take precautions before leaving to decrease the chances of a break-in.

Solution: Have a neighbor collect your mail for you so it doesn't pile up. An overflowing mailbox can alert potential burglars that you're away. Have that same neighbor keep an eye on the house. Consider installing a home monitoring system or security system as a long-term solution. You can also set porch and indoor lights on timers to go on and off at certain times and make it appear you're actually home.

Summer Burnout

The longer, lighter days might have you feeling like you need to maximize every minute of summer. There are carnivals, fairs, picnics, beach trips, boardwalk visits, barbecues, pool hangouts, and even a few weddings! There's so much to do, but you could experience summer burnout before you even know it. Here's how to prioritize your summer activities.

Solution: Sit down with the family or your partner and discuss the most important activities you want to do for the summer. Number them in order of preference, and then choose your top three "must-do" activities. Focus on these, and plan around them for the rest of the season. Do that by considering the time and finances you have left to dedicate to more activities.

Pet Health Concerns

Yes. The summer heat feel unbearable at times. Now imagine wearing a fur coat! That's how your dog or cat feels during the steamy summer months, which is also prime tick season. So you have to be extra careful when it comes to keeping your pets safe this time of year. Ticks can transmit Lyme disease to your pet and even to you or your family if they travel from the animal.

Solution: Make sure your dog and cat have a full water bowl all day long. Depending on the breed, it might not be a good idea to walk your furry pet in the middle of the day when the sun is blazing. Take your dog out in the morning and evening hours and walk in the shade. Don't leave your dog or cat in the car while running errands, even with the window cracked. Make sure your pet has tick and flea protection and that they're up to date on all of their vaccinations.

And click here to know the important warning signs of Lyme disease.

Swimwear Shyness

Every body is a beach body! But still, many people get uncomfortable at the beach or pool. That self-consciousness can put a lot of stress on you that you don't have to live with. Here's how to take back your confidence so you can just enjoy the season with your friends and family.

Solution: The true goal here is to be able to enjoy the outing without getting stuck in our heads, right? So focus on giving your body the fuel it needs to get outside and play with the family! This easy four-step Swimsuit Slimdown Plan gives you the tools you need to feel great physically: a fat-burning drink, a refreshing salad, an anti-cellulite cream, and two quick exercise moves. And then when you put that swimsuit on, you'll be able to just relax, feel comfortable in your own skin, and enjoy the moment without worry.

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