The Essential Oils Buyer's Guide

Find out how to shop smart when looking for essential oils.

As consumers, we're becoming increasingly conscious of what we're putting into our bodies,  so it only makes sense that we're seeking out more natural remedies for issues like anxiety, stress, weight loss, colds, or even cancer. While essential oils have become very popular lately, it's important to take a closer look before we expect these age-old ingredients to be cure-alls for all types of health conditions. For the newest edition of "Feet to the Fire" February, Dr. Caudle and consumer expert Hitha Herzog are sharing the top tips you need to shop smart and avoid falling prey to a health scam.

1. Google While Shopping

Legitimate websites should offer full transparency when it comes to their products. If you are looking to purchase a specific essential oil, you should be able to find quality control documents since a claim means nothing if the company cannot back up how they make their product. If you find an oil you want to buy, do a quick Google search while you're in the store to see what their website offers before you make the purchase. 

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2. Inspect the Ingredients

Another way to rule out suspicious products and ensure you're buying the real deal is to look at the ingredient list. When testing several oils, we discovered that only one source had all the ingredients listed on their website. That same company was the only one that didn't dilute their products according to a study we conducted. Always check the ingredients before you purchase any essential oils to make sure you're getting the product in its purest form.

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3. Consider the Price 

When you're shopping for essential oils, if you notice some products are being sold for way less than you're accustomed to spending that should be a red flag. Barring a generous sale or promotion, it's possible that the cheaper version is made with less-than-stellar ingredients which explains why it seems like such an amazing deal. Do your research to make sure you aren't being scammed.

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