The Do-Over Plan

Get a second chance at the life and the health you want with this plan from Dr. Mike Roizen.

Step 1: Forgive Yourself

Detox the mind of all negative thoughts about your past. No matter how long you have had health issues, you can reverse them and you deserve to reverse them to start over again.

Step 2: Detox the Mind Before You Detox the Body

Now that you've wiped the slate clean, work backward to find the places in your brain you need to rewire. Identify your Achilles' heel – your biggest diet downfall or the main reason your health is out of control.

Step 3: Detox the Body and Erase Some of the Damage

Avoid the five food felons: saturated fats found in red meat; trans fats found in most processed goods; simple sugars found in juices, soda and desserts; simple carbs like rice and breads; and added syrups found in processed foods. These five groups do the most damage to the body, and cutting them out of your diet will immediately begin to reverse some of your health issues. 

Step 4: Stop Counting Calories and Start Counting Quality

There is too much time spent on the quantity of foods and not on quality and healthy ingredients. If you start focusing on eating healthy foods you will naturally stay fuller longer and prevent you from overeating. To do this, build a better plate by making sure it's packed with fiber, lean protein, unsaturated fats and 100% whole grains. Find examples of these meals in the Total Choice Plan.

Step 5: Redefine What Cheating Means

Several diets allow for a cheat day, where you disregard all the rules and eat whatever you want. When you give in to cheat days, you change the way your body works and how your genes and proteins function. Cheat shouldn't mean gorge. If you make your body go haywire with a weekly excessive cheat you'll never be able to change gears completely and let your body recalibrate to the place it needs to be for your do-over.

Step 6: Get a Buddy

This is the most important step in creating a do-over for your health. Pairing up with a buddy to go through this process together will help you both stay accountable and lean on each other when you need it most. 

This plan was created for Dr. Oz's Truth Tube. Get more expert Truth Tube plans here.

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