4 Benefits of Pink Himalayan Salt

Find out why this trendy salt is so good for you.

4 Benefits of Pink Himalayan Salt

By Reina Berger

A long time ago, layers of sea salt crystals deep within the Himalayan mountain range were blanketed by lava. Many experts believe that this lava coating has helped keep the salt clean, pure, and free of environmental pollutants. Somehow, over the course of many years, this mix of red, pink, and white salt has made its way to gourmet food markets and dinner tables across the country. Wondering if it’s as healthy as it is aesthetically pleasing? Keep reading to find out.

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Improves Respiration

Since salt has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, it can help clear out sinus infections. Further, a gentle saline solution of boiled and cooled drinking water and salt in a neti pot used as a washout can help loosen mucus and clear sinuses. Similar to the practice at salt caves that are popular at spas around the world, inhaling the salt air can improve your breathing in a number of ways.

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