18 Surprising Ways to Use a Slow Cooker

Learn more ways to put your slow cooker to work.

18 Surprising Ways to Use a Slow Cooker

Turn off those heavy-duty ovens and stovetops and turn on a slow cooker. Not only can you use your slow cooker to cook your favorite soups and stews, you can even make your own common household products. Here are some unexpected foods and products that you can prepare in your slow cooker!

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Baked Potatoes

Nothing beats a warm and buttery baked potato. Baking potatoes in your slow cooker is one of the easiest things you can do. In the morning, wrap up potatoes in foil and pack them into your slow cooker. Set it on low and let potatoes bake for 8-10 hours while you are out enjoying the day. When it’s time for dinner, remove the potatoes from the foil, split them in half, and then add the toppings of your choice. You can try this with sweet potatoes as well!

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