Our position on GMO labeling:

We have no plans at present to label products that contain genetically modified ingredients. We offer organics for customers who want to avoid products with GMOs. Organic options are now available in every product category, and for ease of shopping, we bring many of them together in our Nature’s Marketplace department. We also operate our own organic farm and partner with local growers on some of the growing methods we have adopted at the farm.

We support transparency in labeling. We also understand that some consumers want to know if a product contains GMOs. In order to label a product as GMO-free, you’d need either extensive testing and tracking of ingredients along the entire supply chain, which is costly, or development of reliable testing for highly processed ingredients, like corn syrup. (Corn syrup, soybean, canola, and corn oil are four of the most common ingredients made from GE crops.)

About Whole Foods’ announcement:   

Clearly, Whole Foods understands the complexity of this issue and the difficulty in verifying the information as evidenced by the amount of time they’ve given themselves to reach this goal.   

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