Bullying: Dr. Oz and Zoe Oz Speak Up

The NO BULL Challenge is the largest, youth-led national campaign against cyberbullying in America's history. The NO BULL Challenge will use the power of social media to inspire 25 million middle and high school students to build each other up, instead of tearing each other down. For more information, please visit The Great American No Bull Challenge website.

A special message from Zoe Oz:

“Bullying, as I have come to know it, is an awful occurrence that happens much too frequently. To stress the importance of the prevention of bullying, my father’s show with Tyra Banks today highlights the sting of bullying for adults as well as kids. Tyra was bullied as a kid for her appearance, and my father shared some important information with her.

Although we often associate bullying with children, some bullies never grow up. Often, the older they get, the more destructive and hurtful they become. Adult bullies, sometimes part of your family or friend group, are able to demolish your self-esteem and transform your thoughts. They convince you that you’re not good enough and this kind of thinking can destroy your physical and mental health.

Like many teens, I’m always giving my dad a hard time, but need to agree with him on these insights. We usually think of bullying as something that is so clearly visible, but lots of times the bullying is deceptively subtle. Sometime bullies can force you to do the wrong thing or use peer pressure to hinder you from achieving your dreams.

Having the mental resilience to stand up for yourself can be tough. That’s why I joined The Great American NO BULL Challenge to make bullying prevention a priority for everyone. The next time someone pressures you into feeling poorly about yourself, shout out 'NO BULL' and think about all that we are doing and all that you can do to push back.”

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