The Ultimate Summer Food Face-Off

Find out which of your favorite summer foods come out on top.

The Ultimate Summer Food Face-Off
The Ultimate Summer Food Face-Off
The Ultimate Summer Food Face-Off

Summertime means parties, the beach, and vacations, which usually all lead to you making questionable food choices. With all the delicious (and unhealthy) foods that this season has to offer, it's important to know exactly what you're putting in your body. If you're going to choose to indulge you should do it with no regrets (just not habitually). However, knowing which indulgent choice is lower in calories, lower in sugar, and higher in protein is important to so you can make an informed eating choice. Please note that the nutritional information below is generic. For example, the ice cream category is based on one serving of vanilla ice cream -- the addition of different flavors, larger sizes, or extra toppings are not included. Please be mindful of nutrition labels on products and serving sizes while enjoying some of the summer's best treats.

Hot Dog vs. Hamburger

With less fat and almost four times the amount of protein, the hamburger comes out on top for the best grilled item. Even though hot dogs have fewer calories, the other nutritional facts are more important to consider in this case. Be mindful that what you put on your hamburger can increase the calories and decrease the nutritional value, so make sure to go light on the condiments. Winner: Hamburger

Iced Tea vs. Lemonade

While you shouldn't make it a habit to drink too many flavored beverages throughout the day, when indulging in a cold drink on a hot summer day iced tea should be your first choice. It has fewer carbs and sugar than lemonade. Plus, if you make homemade iced tea with tea bags it can come to even fewer calories with no sugar at all. Winner: Iced tea

Potato Salad vs. Pasta Salad

Pasta salad -- especially the kind made with fresh vegetables and healthy dressings like olive oil and vinegar -- takes the lead over potato salad in this face-off. With more protein, fewer calories, and less fat, feel free to enjoy a serving of pasta salad at the next barbecue. Winner: Pasta Salad

Crab vs. Lobster

Seafood is at its prime during summertime and it is a light, fresh, and healthy option for a delicious seasonal dinner. Both crab and lobster are nutritionally similar enough that this face-off can be called a tie. Just remember to go easy on butter as a dipping sauce -- that can increase the calories really fast! Winner: Tie

French Fries vs. Potato Chips

Both potato-based in origin, it may be hard to decide whether french fries or potato chips win out health-wise. Though with half the calories and less than half the carbs, potato chips are clearly the healthier summer indulgence choice. Winner: Potato Chips

Ice Cream vs. Popsicle

Popsicles are lower in calories, carbs, and sugars when compared to a serving of ice cream. If you choose to indulge in a cold treat, go with a popsicle instead -- bonus points for one with less sugar and no artificial flavoring. Winner: Popsicle


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