1 package Red-leaf lettuce
1 Bunch celery (cut into halves)
16 oz Pack baby carrots (whole)
1 Small bunch asparagus spears (ends trimmed)
1 Red bell pepper (sliced)
1 Yellow pepper (sliced)
1 Green pepper (sliced)
2-4 Cucumbers (sliced)
1 Yellow crookneck squash
1 container Grape tomatoes (whole)
2 Black olives (use slice off the end)
2 Toothpicks
1 Round serving tray

Wash and cut the vegetables. Blanch the asparagus spears in boiling water for 1 minute and then plunge into ice water to stop the cooking and keep them bright green and crisp.

Start by lining the edge of the serving tray using the red-leaf lettuce. Next layer the celery followed by the baby carrots. Place asparagus spears at intervals of every other carrot or so. This will form the tail.

The body is red, yellow and green peppers that have been halved lengthwise, sliced and mounded.

The breast is sliced cucumber, the head is a yellow squash (cut off the crook diagonally to help it stand up), and is held in place by the cucumbers in front, and the grape tomatoes behind.

The eyes are black olive slices, the beak is a triangle from the yellow pepper, and the wattle is a slice of the red pepper.

The face pieces are held in place by toothpicks that have been cut in quarters (only use the end pieces that have points).

The feet and legs are celery sticks that are cut into “toes” by slicing out thin triangular slivers. Soak these in ice water for a few minutes to help spread the toes.

Serve with dip of choice.