System Oz: How It Works & What to Know

Here's how to get started and find success on Dr. Oz's Mediterranean-inspired intermittent fasting plan for whole-body wellness.

On System Oz, you will eat food like this meal, which is a serving of salmon with a salad of cucumbers, tomatoes, olives and greens.

What Is System Oz?

System Oz is an easy, engaging plan created just for you to take back control of your health. It's a complete wellness lifestyle program to renew your body, mind and soul. You'll utilize delicious meals of food you love, customized exercise classes to match your fitness level, and intermittent fasting to help maximize weight loss. Put yourself first today, and start the plan now to live a happier and healthier life.

How Much Weight Could I Lose on System Oz?

Following the daily food, exercise and wellness guides can help you lose weight, as well as lower your blood pressure, fasting glucose and bad cholesterol. Here's what your success could look like.

How Will My Daily Routine Change on System Oz?

You may be eating at different times or turning off social media a little earlier, but we'll be with you every step of the way! We've got a schedule checklist so you know exactly what you'll do each day.

You'll see that you're encouraged to take a vitamin D supplement each day. Vitamin D is great for keeping your bones strong, is anti-inflammatory and helps support your immune system. Click here to get the low-down on how to find supplements that have been tested and certified. And check out iHerb, our trusted partner and a reputable online nutritional store that has a variety of vitamin D3 supplements here.

Download your checklist here: System Oz Daily Checklist.pdf

What Kind of Food Will I Eat on System Oz?

Real food that actually tastes good! The Dish crew put together a ton of recipes packed with meat, beans, grains, vegetables and fruits, and you can find them all here. It's all the healthy stuff your body needs without sacrificing flavor. Here's a grocery list and snack list to help you stock up at the store with the food you'll need -- including dessert and drinks! Did we mention you also get a weekly cheat day?

Download your snack list here: System Oz Snacks.pdf

Download your food list here: System Oz Food List.pdf

We've also put together a 4-week meal plan and shopping lists to help get you started! You can check those out here.

How Often Will I Exercise on System Oz?

Most mornings with our uplifting and passionate fitness experts. They've created tons of customized classes to match your fitness level, so you can feel confident in both low-impact and high-intensity workouts. Connecting your body and your mind, they'll help you build strength from the inside out. Click here to watch the classes.

Any Other Benefits of System Oz?

System Oz will also help you sleep better and reduce stress -- two things we could all use after this pandemic! Of course, we've got the tips for a good night's rest and ways to calm your mind.

Download the guide here: System Oz Guide.pdf