Sweet and Sour Slaw

Jason Graham, the executive chef of San Diego’s Cal-a-Vie Health Spa, provides a true model of healthy eating. This slaw recipe is high in flavor, low in calories, and balanced with maximum nutrients.

Serves 4

1/4 cup Unseasoned rice vinegar
1/8 cup Mirin sweet sake
1/8 cup Agave syrup
1/4 tsp Sambal chili paste
1 tbsp Grape-seed oil
3/4 cup Napa cabbage (julienned)
1/4 cup Carrots (julienned)
1/4 cup Toasted almonds
pinch Salt and pepper

For the sweet and sour sauce, combine the vinegar, agave, mirin and sambal in a small pot and bring to a boil then chill for 1 hour.

Next, add the carrots, cabbage and almonds into a medium bowl.

Next, add ¼ cup of the sweet and sour mixture into the slaw followed by the salt and pepper.

Combine and serve at once to prevent the slaw from getting soggy.