The Total Body Reboot Challenge

Do you feel too overwhelmed when it comes to eating well and staying fit? You’re not alone. Today’s busy lifestyle can make it seemingly impossible to implement healthy diet and exercise habits. But it doesn’t have to be so hard – sometimes you just need to know how and where to start. We've partnered up with gold medalist swimmer Natalie Coughlin to create this invigorating Total Body Reboot action plan that will leave you feeling like you’re the Whole Package. Here's your chance to snag some simple – yet significant – lifestyle changes. Natalie Coughlin has followed some of these tips to help her become one of the most decorated American female athletes. Get ready to get back on track!

Never Skip Breakfast

Never Skip Breakfast
Starting your day off right with a healthy breakfast can help you maintain a healthy weight or even shed pounds. The trick is to eat within the first hour of waking up to prevent your body from going into starvation mode, which slows metabolism. Reach for energy-sustaining foods such as steel cut oats made with low-fat milk and topped with dried plums. Milk adds a boost of protein. Dried plums have potassium and are a good source of fiber which can help curb appetite until it’s time to reach for lunch. Soluble fiber and other compounds in dried plums have also been shown to decrease blood cholesterol levels. Your body will thank you for this morning ritual.

Could you imagine making 4.6 billion calls in a month?

That's how many robocalls Americans received in February this year. And when your phone is ringing endlessly with scammers asking about your car's warranty, a free cruise, or even a scary warning about your insurance coverage, it can definitely seem like all the calls are going to you. So what do you do when you get one of these fake calls and how do you protect your personal information and money from cons? Here are the important steps to take.

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