HPV: The Facts and Your Risk

Think you know all there is to know about HPV? Think again. Uncover the little-known facts and shocking statistics that everyone needs to know – and what they mean for you.

Eighty percent of sexually active adults will have been infected with HPV before the age of 50, which makes it the most commonly transmitted sexually transmitted infection in the US. However, most people who have HPV don’t know they have it, because they do not develop genital warts or other manifestations of HPV that they can identify.\r\n

\r\nThis virus is exchanged via skin-to-skin contact. Therefore, even though the virus is most often transmitted via vaginal or anal sex, it can also be contracted through genital-to-genital contact and through oral sex as well. Condoms are protective, but not 100% protective because they do not protect the entire genital region. \r\n

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