Go Nuts for Coconut Oil

If you’re going to choose just one product to add to your health arsenal, coconut oil may be your best bet. Coconut’s chemical compounds make this natural ingredient a powerful tool to solve a whole handful of health issues, including aging, weight balance and infection. Full of antioxidants, this healthy fat is an Oz-approved essential for a healthier you.

Cook the Healthy Way

Cook the Healthy Way

A solid fat at room temperature, coconut oil’s rich, tropical taste has made it a delicious substitute for butter or shortening. Virgin coconut oil is high in lauric acid which is easier to digest than other fatty acids. Because of its deep coconut flavor, a small amount goes a long way in soups, curries, fish or adding a lovely tropical flavor to vegetables.

\r\nTry These Simple Recipes:
\r\nPina LoGiudice's Coconut Pancakes
\r\nMelissa Clark's Double-Coconut Popcorn

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