Drop a Decade With This Diet

Defy your age with this list of the best foods to help you look younger.

Drop a Decade With This Diet

It may come as a surprise, but the aging process starts with your diet! Rather than spending unnecessary amounts of money on beauty creams and serums, start focusing on the foods you are putting into your body. These simple fixes can help you ease into the aging process by helping you to look younger.

Wheat Germ: The Food That Fights Redness

The liver is one of the post important anti-aging organs because it is in charge of processing toxins. As you age, your liver’s ability to do this starts to slow down, resulting in reddening skin. If you are experiencing skin redness, it may be due to an inflammatory response to a buildup of toxins in your liver. \r\n

\r\nAn easy fix to this problem is to incorporate more zinc into your diet. Wheat germ is loaded with zinc, which is a powerful anti-inflammatory that can help combat facial redness.\r\n

\r\nFor best results, eat half cup of wheat germ per day (toasted variety is preferred). Use this versatile ingredient by sprinkling it over yogurt and salad, or adding it to your smoothie.

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