Dirty Secrets Restaurants Don't Want You to Know

When you're dining out, you shouldn't have to worry about putting your health at risk. But certain restaurant violations and food choices could be doing just that. Learn the secrets restaurants keep that could be making you sick and the small changes you can make to protect yourself.

Secret: Restaurants are adding extra sugar to your food.

Secret: Restaurants are adding extra sugar to your food.

Do you ever wonder why some of your favorite dishes look shiny? The answer is extra sugar. It’s added to most pasta dishes to help cut the bitterness from the tomato sauce. It’s even added to pizza dough! It makes the food taste better and keeps you coming back for more. The extra sugar is adding calories to your meal and inches to your waistline!

Solution: This is a hard one to avoid. Be careful where you can. If you are ordering a steak, ask for it to be prepared without added spices. Sometimes the house blend can include sugar. Also, vegetables are often prepared in a “glaze” – which usually contains butter and sugar. Ask for them to be steamed instead.

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