Cute Foods: Get Your Kids to Eat Healthier

These days, there are so many unhealthy and processed foods out there, it’s not always easy for kids to make smart food choices. Some kids are picky eaters and may not always willing to try new foods. That’s why you’ve got to make mealtimes fun. Although making cute foods for your kids is not a miracle fix, I do believe that a pleasing presentation may help your child be more open to trying and eating healthier foods.

Provided by viewer Jillian D.

This cute little butterfly plated lunch was fairly simple to make and I even snuck a new veggie in there for the kids to try. Making your kid’s food cute doesn’t have to be hard, and you may find that the extra little bit of effort it takes is well worth it!\r\n

\r\nHere’s what you’ll need to make this lunch:\r\n

\r\n2 slices of whole wheat bread\r\n
Sandwich filling of your choice – I used peanut butter and jam\r\n
2 baby carrots\r\n
1 slice of naval orange\r\n
1 (2-inch) slice of cucumber, with skin on\r\n
A small variety of unique veggies – I used purple carrots, yellow carrots and candy beets\r\n
Icing eyes (optional) – you could really use any fruit or veggie for the eyes\r\n
A sharp kitchen knife\r\n
A butterfly cookie cutter\r\n
A small flower cookie cutter

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