Avoid Holiday Hazards

Keep your season cheery and bright with these health- and happiness-boosting tips!

Avoid Holiday Hazards

A lot can happen in 24 hours during the holidays. Between last-minute shopping or bustling to get to your relatives’ house, your health and happiness are at risk. Here are easy solutions to common winter problems that will keep your body and mind – as well as your holidays – cheery and bright.

Aches and Pains

The holiday rush can be taxing in sneaky ways. While you’re on the hunt for gifts, you may be wreaking havoc on your body.\r\n

\r\nThe Fixes\r\n
Stretch out swelling: When you walk, your veins depend on moving muscles to push blood back to the heart. When you stand in line for a long time, blood can gather in your veins, making your ankles, feet and legs swell or feel heavy. Rotate both ankles clockwise and counterclockwise and alternate between flexing and pointing your toes. Repeat 2 to 3 times to keep your blood flowing.\r\n

\r\nDistribute the weight: Think of shopping bags like dumbbell weights; you’d never carry 15 pounds in one hand and nothing in the other. The same applies to shopping bags: Carrying even weight on both sides of your body prevents leaning toward one side and straining muscles. Better yet, store them in your car or a mall locker. Try a castor oil pack to relieve muscle pain.

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