Dr. Oz: Why I Created These Bedding Solutions to Help Solve Your Sleep Problems

During my years hosting "The Dr. Oz Show," I've always urged my audience to form better sleep habits. As a doctor, I know how important sleep is to good health, but the reality is Americans aren't getting enough of it. In fact, 70% of Americans report having insufficient sleep at least one night per month, according to SleepHealth.org. Sleep is the most underappreciated habit for improving well-being, and I want to change that.

Because of this, I'm addressing America's sleep problems from all angles. I'm constantly sharing the latest research, from foods to eat for better sleep to exercises that may help with insomnia. And now, I have the “Dr. Oz Good Life" line to deliver affordable, cutting-edge sleep solutions. From weighted blankets to adjustable beds, mattresses, and more, I'm launching a line of products to help you live a Good Life by getting the best sleep possible.

Why is Good Life so good? An independent study conducted by SleepScore Labs tested 25 participants who tried the Dr. Oz Good Life adjustable bed base for over 990 nights. Participants used the Anti-Snore setting, which elevates the upper body by approximately 12 degrees. At the start of the study, 80% of the 10 participants who reported sleeping with a partner claimed they frequently woke up in the middle of the night from hearing a partner snore, ranging from weekly to every day. At the end of the study, 90% said their partner never or rarely woke them up to stop snoring. Across participants, there was a 7% relative decrease in objectively-measured snoring while sleeping in the inclined position. Mirroring these findings, self-reported data showed that participants felt they spent fewer nights snoring on average (18% decrease) when sleeping in the inclined position. Participants reported feeling less tired due to snoring and that snoring was less likely to disrupt their sleep or a partner's sleep.

Other physical ailments such as back pain may also be reduced by using the Good Life adjustable bed bases. After the study was complete, participants self-reported that the vibration setting in the adjustable bases helped soothe back pain and even helped with some asthma symptoms. Adjustable bases may also help with reducing acid reflux.

If mental health issues like stress and anxiety are the culprit behind your sleep issues, the pressure from the Good Life weighted blanket is designed to help comfort and soothe. So many people think they're cursed with bad sleep forever just because they're accustomed to countless sleepless nights, but identifying your sleep problem is the start of the solution. Click here to see your worst sleep problems matched with customized solutions. I look forward to helping America get better quality, meaningful sleep.

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