This Shopping List Will Help You Choose Foods for COVID-19 Immunity at the Grocery Store

Start eating these foods today for a healthy immune system.

This Shopping List Will Help You Choose Foods for COVID-19 Immunity at the Grocery Store

All month long, Dr. Oz is bringing you a COVID-19 Defense Plan to help you stay as healthy as possible. From tips on nutritious eating, to simple plans that'll get you up and exercising, Dr. Oz is sharing smart ways to take control of your health.

Nov. 6, 2020 — 6 a.m. EST

This week, Dr. Oz shared a new recipe, tips for sleep, and even expert insight on the best vitamins to start taking now to build up your immune system. Today, he's sharing the ultimate grocery store list he uses and wants you to take with you to the store to make choosing healthy foods as easy as possible.

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These foods are filled with nutrients, healthy fats, omega 3s, vitamins, and minerals you need to not only eat a balanced diet, but to help your body get what it needs to potentially fight off illness in the future. Print it out, save it to your phone and send it to a friend for an easy shopping hack. And read more about the choices here.


The authors of the brand new “What to Eat When" cookbook, Dr. Mike Roizen, chief wellness officer emeritus of the Cleveland Clinic, and Dr. Michael Crupain, the head of The Dr. Oz Show medical unit stopped by the show on Nov. 6, 2020 to share why each food choice on this list is crucial to help build up a healthy immune system. Of course, vegetables made the cut, but here's how they narrowed down the list.

  • Red bell peppers: Dr. Roizen revealed that red peppers actually contain more vitamin C than an orange. “A red pepper is a mature version of a green pepper… and as they age, their nutritional qualities also change," says Dr. Roizen. “While the data on vitamin C is not clear cut, we know that vitamin C is essential because our body doesn't make it."
  • Mushrooms & broccoli: When paired with broccoli, mushrooms can help keep your respiratory system healthy.
  • Leafy Greens: According to Dr. Roizen, leafy greens can be converted to nitric oxide. “When you're chewing your spinach, the microbiome of your tongue actually converts the nitrates in that spinach into a form that when you swallow it with the spinach, your stomach digests it, and then your body absorbs nitric oxide" he says. Nitric oxide is essential for your overall health because it allows blood nutrients and oxygen to travel all over your body. Plus, it also helps to lower blood pressure — all important things to keep your immunity up and covid out and away.

Meat and Seafood

  • Salmon: Dr. Crupain recommends both wild caught and farmed salmon at the supermarket. According to research, there is more vitamin D in wild salmon compared to farmed salmon. Research suggests that people who are vitamin D deficient are at an increased risk of contracting COVID-19, as well as they may experience poor outcomes when they have the virus.


  • Cheese: Cheese is a great source of vitamin D. Dr. Crupain recommends gouda, cheddar, and brie. “It's important to eat in moderation, but having a few bites of cheese can give you a little extra vitamin D, approximately 2% of your daily value during your day," he says. “It's a good snack that will also keep you full."

Check out the full shopping list below for all of Dr. Roizen and Dr. Crupain's shopping list picks:

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