Scalp Health Quiz: 3 Problems You Could Have & What to Do About Them

Does your scalp need a break? If you find yourself scratching your head at what kinds of problems you've got going on up there, here are three simple questions to help you determine just how healthy your scalp is. And whatever the issue, from dryness to hair loss and even pain, Dr. Oz's correspondent Mara Schiavocampo has everything you need to know about the problem and the fix.

When you brush your clan hair (with a clean brush), how much hair comes out?

If you see a good number of strands, pay attention.

Mara says this kind of hair loss could be due to your hormones (which you can learn about here and how to help keep them balanced). But it could also be because of the way you style your hair, such as dyeing it too frequently, overusing heat tools or puling it too tight into hair bands.

"Now, neither one should alarm you, but you want to be mindful, especially when it comes to styling. Just try to be gentle with your hair," Mara says.

Solution: Massage Your Scalp

"The best way to stimulate and encourage new hair growth is by increasing circulation in your scalp. And the way to do that is by massage. That's going to get that blood flow going. It's going to bring all the nutrients and oxygen," Mara says.

There are soft tools you can use (like this popular one on Amazon) — or you can do it yourself.

"You use your fingers and you rub your scalp. But here's the thing, you can't scratch. It can actually create lacerations on your scalp — you don't want that. Use the pads of your fingers and get some oils in there," Mara says.

What do you feel when you let your hair down and run your fingers through, pressingly lightly on your scalp?

If you feel like your hair hurts, it could actually be scalp pain you don't want to ignore.

One reason for scalp pain could be an overgrowth of yeast on your scalp from not shampooing often enough. And, of course, this can lead to inflammation and sensitivity.

Solution: Get a Good Wash

Mara recommends two different products to wash with if you think you have a yeast overgrowth.

"You can get a pH-balancing scalp shampoo (like this one), or you could just rinse with apple cider vinegar once a month — so another great natural remedy," she says.

Now when it comes to styling, ditch elastics and tough products. Give your hair a break with cloth scrunchies and headbands, for example, with looser styles.

How often do you give your scalp a good scratch?

If it's itchy throughout the day, there could be something deeper going on.

"It could be dandruff, it could be psoriasis, it could be just dryness from washing your hair too much. Remember again, this is just skin. If you wash too frequently, it could get dry and itchy," Mara says.

Solution: Bring Back the Moisture

Now, that doesn't necessarily mean reaching for the dandruff shampoo. Those can be pretty drying, Mara says. So try this instead.

"You want to try to add moisture. You can do that with the oils. You can use a great moisturizing, hydrating shampoo. And don't forget, beauty always starts from the inside. Make sure you're getting proper nutrition and lots of water. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate," Mara says.

Need a good scalp mask to bring some life back to your hair? Try Mara's super easy, 3-ingredient mask below!

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