Rocco DiSpirito's Cucumber and Almond Rice Sushi

Everyone loves sushi, but the rice in it is always a setback. Thankfully, Chef Rocco DiSpirito's delicious sushi recipe is rice-free! Packed with cucumber, avocado, almonds and chia seeds, these sushi rolls are fiber-rich and nutritious, and will leave you feeling full without having to eat carbs. On top of this, cucumber is one of the best negative calorie-effect foods. Cucumbers have only 8 calories per serving and are mostly water—exactly what you want in a low-calorie meal!

Recipe From:The Negative Calorie Diet, Rocco DiSpirito. Copyright Harper Collins, 2015.

3/4 cup Slivered almonds (chopped to the size of rice)
1 cup Water
2 Packets monk fruit extract
1 tbsp Ground chia seeds
1 tsp Rice wine vinegar
1 English cucumber (seeded and cut into matchstick pieces)
1/4 Ripe avocado (pitted, peeled and mashed)
1 tbsp (plus 1 tsp) Wasabi powder mixed with 1 tsp. water
Nori seaweed wraps
1 tbsp (plus 2 tsp) Coconut aminos

Place almonds and water in a small saucepan over medium-high heat and bring to simmer.

Cook and stir until the water has almost evaporated and the almonds are soft, around 3 minutes.

Pour the mixture into a bowl and season with salt and monk fruit extract.

Stir in chia seeds and place in fridge to thicken and cool. Once cooled, stir in the vinegar.

Mix the cucumber with the avocado and a little wasabi paste.

Spread the almond rice on the nori.

Lay the cucumber down the middle and roll into sushi tights.

Cut each roll into 6 pieces. Serve with wasabi and coconut aminos for dipping.