What to Do If You Lost Your COVID-19 Vaccination Card

Now that borders are opening and cities around the country are welcoming back tourists, many attractions (restaurants, theaters, concerts, museums) will require you to show your COVID-19 vaccination card.

Unfortunately, these cards can be as small as a Social Security card and just as fragile — so losing it will be pretty easy. But don't fret! Here's what to know if you've lost your card.

1. Go Online

If you received your vaccine at a CVS, for example, you should be able to pull up your records through your online account. CVS reps tell AARP that you can also call the CVS location where you were vaccinated and request a record of your vaccination.

Walgreens and Rite Aid will also verify patient COVID-19 vaccination status.

2. Go to Your Vaccine Provider

If you don't have computer access or a printer, and you received your vaccination at a pharmacy or health center, you should be able to obtain a record of your COVID-19 vaccination in person by going back to where you got it.

"Any CVS pharmacy team member can print a vaccine record reflecting the date of administration and vaccine administered," reps told AARP

3. Visit the CDC Website

You can also go to the CDC's website. This will be particularly helpful if you got vaccinated at a pop-up or mass event. The CDC does not specifically track or store vaccination records (and doesn't replace lost CDC-stamped cards), so it provides a list of all state health departments, which do store immunization records. There you can enter your information and see your immunization record, which you can print or save to your phone.

4. Connect With Your State's Health Department

If you do want to replace the actual card, you will need to contact your state health department by phone or email to obtain one specifically.

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