The Simple Way to Reconnect With a Friend You Lost Touch With During the Pandemic

After the pandemic distanced us from loved ones for over a year, many of us struggled to reconnect in person with friends and family. You may have missed them during quarantine, but today you may also feel like a completely different person: you have new family members or ones who passed away, you may be nervous to head back into the office, or you may have difficulty expressing your feelings about the past year and its effects. So as people get vaccinated and more businesses open up, it's important to take the opportunity to renew the relationships in your life that meant so much to you.

Psychologist Dr. Ramani Durvasula has a simple way you can rekindle that friendship.

Be Vulnerable With Your Friends

She calls it "Quarantine Kindness": So many people don't get the chance to say how they truly feel about a person until its too late. Now is the time where we need to cherish each other more. So tell your friend you love them — don't hold back. Tell them what they mean to you and why, how they've helped you through a difficult situation. Learning that they meant so much to you in a difficult time may help them be more vulnerable to you. Then the love and affirmation will keep spilling. It will bring you closer to each other than ever before.

So when you finally get back in touch with that friend, whether over a glass of wine or in a video chat, open up and tell them how you feel. Time may have passed, but your friendship hasn't.

For more advice on renewing relationships after the pandemic, watch Dr. Durvasula's full interview today on "The Dr. Oz Show."

This Small Device Can Help Give Independence Back to People With Visual Impairment

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