Overnight Groates

Buckwheat groates are seeds that can be used in an overnight oats recipe like this one. Some researchers suggest that buckwheat may help with memory and brain function. Plus, it's a great gluten-free option!

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1/4 cup buckwheat groates
1/2 cup liquid of choice
1 cup toppings of choice

1. Mix together groates and liquid (water, almond milk, regular milk, etc.). 


2. Add whatever toppings you want. Get creative! Try out mashed pumpkin, cinnamon, chia seeds, mixed berries, apples, bananas, cocoa powder, or coconut. Plus, you can mix and match to create your own delicious combinations.


3. Leave mixture in the fridge overnight and enjoy for breakfast the next morning.


**Note: Calorie count only include groates. Calories vary depending on liquid and topping choices.