Oliver Oz's Grilled Steak With "The Boys" Marinade

Dr. Oz and his son Oliver are the only two people in their house who eat meat, so they've become pros at whipping up delicious carnivorous meals. They love grilling together, and Oliver's special marinade makes anything they grill taste amazing. Give this marinade a try at your next BBQ! 

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1/3 cup Extra-virgin olive oil
2 tbsp Honey
6 Garlic cloves (minced)
1 tsp Ground cumin
1 tsp Chili powder
1 tsp Fine sea salt
1 tsp Freshly ground black pepper
1/4 tsp Ground cinnamon
2 Skirt steaks

To make the marinade, whisk the oil, honey, garlic, cumin, chili powder, salt, pepper, and cinnamon together in a medium bowl until combined.

Arrange the steaks in a large glass or ceramic baking dish. Pour in the marinade. Turn the steaks to coat them, spreading the marinade with a rubber spatula, if necessary. Cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate for at least four hours and up to one day.

Remove from the refrigerator about 30 minutes before grilling. Prepare an outdoor grill for two-zone cooking over high (550°F or more) heat. For a charcoal grill, let the coals burn until they are covered with white ash, and spread them on one side of the grill, leaving the other side empty. For a gas grill, preheat the grill on high, and turn one burner off.

Remove the steak from the marinade, letting any excess marinade drip back into the dish. Put the steak on the hot side of the grill. Cook, turning once, but moving the steaks to the empty side of the grill if the marinade drips and causes flare-ups, until the steaks are well browned but still feel somewhat squishy when pressed on top with your fingertip, about six to eight minutes for medium-rare (or insert an instant-read thermometer horizontally into the center of the steak; it should read 130°F for medium-rare. But using a thermometer to determine the temperature of a hot steak, especially a thin cut, is not easy or especially accurate).

Remove the steaks from the grill and let stand for three to five minutes before serving. Serve with a side of cauliflower mashed potatoes.