The Monday Dieter 4-Layer Ultimate Flat Belly Dessert

Now there's a way to satisfy your sweet tooth without the additional bloating and heaviness that typically comes with dessert. This parfait includes lactose-free yogurt, which is actually sweeter than regular yogurt and promotes a healthy gut. The fruits and nuts that layer the dish are full of fiber, which aids in digestion. 

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1 scoop of lactose-free yogurt
1/4 cup chopped fresh pineapple (or fruit of choice)
2 tsp mint
7–10 crushed walnuts or almonds

1. Fill the base of a glass with lactose-free yogurt.


2. Place pineapple (or fruit of choice) and mint into yogurt glass.


3. Layer more yogurt over fruit.


4. Sprinkle crushed nuts onto your gourmet creation!