2 medium potatoes
1 stick of butter, chopped
2 (16-oz) boxes powdered sugar
1 tsp vanilla or almond extract
2-3 tbsp peanut butter
1-2 tbsp cocoa powder
6 regular graham cracker rectangles, each broken into 2 squares
6 chocolate graham cracker rectangles, each broken into 2 squares
1/4 cup milk chocolate chips
12 pink chocolate candies, preferably both plain and peanut

Boil the potatoes just until soft. Drain, mash, and measure 1/2 cup out into a mixing bowl. Add butter into mixing bowl, mix in thoroughly, and let cool completely. Add sugar and vanilla/almond extract, knead until smooth.

Roll some of the dough into various ball sizes. Add the peanut butter and knead thoroughly again. Different amounts of peanut butter will vary the color of dough, which accounts for different skin tones. Follow the same process with the cocoa, adding incrementally to represent different complexions. Gently squeeze each ball between a pair of graham crackers.

Melt the chocolate chips (either in a microwave in 30 second increments or in a double boiler). Transfer to a plastic bag, cut off a small corner, and pipe zig-zags on top of each sandwich. Finally, complete each mammo-gram with its own chocolate candy nipple, using shades of pink and tan and brown as you please.