Chicken Alfredo Pasta Bake With Sun-Dried Tomatoes

Where there's Alfredo sauce, there's a table full of delight. This recipe for chicken Alfredo does not make a mess of a time-honored favorite; it calls for an upgrade, and trust us when we say it's an instant classic. Dig into this penne pasta bake, and revel in a newfound glory of melted provolone, Alfredo, and sun-dried tomatoes over perfectly tender chicken.  

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1 lb (1 box) penne pasta, cooked
2 to 3 cups cooked chicken
30 oz (2 jars) Alfredo sauce
8 1/2 oz (1 jar) sun-dried tomatoes in olive oil, drained and sliced
3 slices provolone cheese

1. Grease a casserole dish.


2. In a large bowl, stir pasta, chicken, Alfredo sauce, and tomatoes.


3. Pour into casserole dish.


4. Top with provolone cheese.


5. Bake at 350°F for 25 minutes.


6. Serve and enjoy!