Quiz: What’s Your Metabolic Score?

Find out what your metabolic score is to fine-tune your diet and improve your health.

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You've probably heard about the keto diet once, twice, or 100 times by now. This diet has gained popularity for its fast weight loss results. But this high-fat, low-carb diet is not for everyone. Take this quiz to see whether or not keto is the diet for you.

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Quiz: How Bad Is Your Anxiety?

Have you noticed feeling particularly nervous lately?

Have you noticed feeling particularly nervous lately? Are you on edge about things at home or when you go out in public? You could have anxiety. General anxiety disorder affects 6.8 million adults in a year, and women are twice as likely to experience it, according to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America. Anxiety can be mild, but it can progress to such severe levels that the person has difficulty leaving their home and experiences significant health effects. Take this quiz to help learn what level of anxiety you may have and what steps you can take to help manage it.

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