How to Eat All the Cookout Food & Not Have Indigestion

A probiotic supplement can keep your digestion tract in check this summer.

A family enjoys cookout food, which can lead to indigestion. But that can be relieved with the help of a probiotic supplement.

The official summer kick-off, with all those barbecues we've been waiting for, is finally here! We've been longing to gather with family and friends over all the delicious food. But some barbecue favorites can set off digestive issues. So here are tips to still enjoy the party!

Healthy Lifestyle

What can you do to keep your digestive system working optimally? Here are three important steps:

The pandemic has made most of this difficult – in fact, many of us have gained weight. But now that summer has finally arrived, warmer weather makes outdoor activity easier and local fresh fruits and vegetables make eating healthier even more delicious. Which brings us back to barbecue! Enjoy all those barbecue flavors with healthy options like grilled veggies, fish, and chicken. Click here for a great healthy barbecue recipe!

Probiotic Supplement

Taking a daily probiotic supplement may also help. Probiotics are the good bacteria in your body that keep bad bacteria in check. They help support your digestive tract and help your body digest food — which could come in handy at that family cookout! Plus, this good bacteria helps support your immunity. Digestive health and immunity support for one of our first pandemic outings? We all love a two-for-one deal.

But it's important to take a probiotic supplement that has the science to back it up. The TruBiotics supplement, for example, includes two well-researched types of good bacteria. Studies show that taking those types helps keep both your digestive and immune systems working at their best. So with a probiotic that can help support your digestion and immunity, you'll have a healthy and happy summer!

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