This May Sweeps The Dr. Oz Show is Bringing You the Heat

May sweeps kicks off with Meek Mill on the crisis in the parole system.

This May Sweeps The Dr. Oz Show is Bringing You the Heat

April 25th, New York, NY - This May, The Dr. Oz Show is bringing the heat to get you ready for summer! We kick things off with Meek Mill who, a year after his release from prison, is laying out his plan to improve America’s parole system. We continue with True Crime Tuesdays and Thursdays, reporting on breaking crime news, infamous serial killers, and cold cases yet to be solved. In an Oz True Crime Daytime Exclusive, Dr. Oz talks with John Ramsey who is opening up about the murder of his daughter JonBenét. We also investigate all of your favorite summer foods and drinks, from French fries to chicken nuggets and iced coffee. Plus, Dr. Oz sits down with the hottest celebrities, including Jennifer Garner and Tamar Braxton. Finally, all new The Dish on Oz episodes have the recipes and kitchen hacks you do not want to miss!

Our May Premiere kicks off with two powerhouse topics – Thursday, April 25th Dr. Oz sits down with hip hop star Meek Mill on his incarceration and crisis in the parole system. From an artist to an activist, hip hop star Meek Mill has been on probation nearly his entire adult life. Less than a year after his release from prison, he is speaking to Dr. Oz about how imprisonment changed his life and his plans to forever change the parole system in our country. Then, in our Oz Investigates franchise, we cover The Theranos Scandal: Why Was it Impossible to Get 100s of Tests From 1 Drop of Blood? It is the story that rocked the nation: Elizabeth Holmes’ billion-dollar company, Theranos, was a scam. Why didn’t her technology work, and how was she able to pull off this deceptive act for so long? Dr. Oz is teaming up with the experts to find out.

All New True Crime

  • Exclusive: On The Hunt for JonBenét’s Murderer: Her Father John Ramsey Speaks to Dr. Oz – Tuesday, April 30th
    • In this exclusive daytime interview, John Ramsey, father of JonBenét Ramsey, sits down with Dr. Oz. John discusses the infamous murder of his daughter in 1996, sharing what is believed to be the last picture ever taken of JonBenét. The Dr. Oz Show covers:
      • How would things be different for John if JonBenét were still alive?
  • Ted Bundy: Everything You Never Knew About America’s Most Infamous Serial Killer With Melissa Moore – Tuesday, May 7th
    • This May, we take an in-depth look at the life of Ted Bundy, with the details about America’s most infamous serial killer you never knew. The Dr. Oz Show covers:
      • Who is Ted Bundy’s Daughter?
      • I Survived Ted Bundy
      • The Man Who Helped Put Ted Bundy Behind Bars
  • Diane Downs’ Daughter: “I Found Out My Biological Mom Killed My Siblings” With Melissa Moore – Thursday, May 2nd
  • The Disappearance Of Susan Powell: Her Family Members Speak Out
  • The Mindhunter: The Man Who Speaks to Serial Killers (FBI Criminal Profiler John Douglas) – Friday, May 3rd
  • Abducted in Plain Sight: The Stranger Than Fiction Case of a Girl Abducted and Abused By a Pedophile Neighbor – Thursday, May 9th
    • Jan Broberg, the protagonist of Netflix’s hit documentary Abducted in Plain Sight, describes the harrowing details of being kidnapped by her neighbor and father figure and how that experience has changed her life forever.
  • Exclusive: What Does Natalie Wood’s Autopsy Reveal About What Happened on the Boat? With Nancy Grace and Natalie’s Sister Lana Wood – Tuesday, May 14th
  • Did a Doctor Kill “The Black Dahlia”? Family Members Speak Out – Tuesday, May 14th
  • Exclusive: My Son Was One of the First Kids on the Milk Carton: What Really Happened to Him? – Thursday, May 16th
  • Why Are So Many Women Hiring Hitmen? With Mara Schiavocampo – Thursday, May 16th
  • The Dark Underground World of Killers for Hire With Mara Schiavocampo – Thursday, May 16th
  • Exclusive: I Survived Being Brutalized By Ted Bundy: Sorority Sister Speaks Out With Nancy Grace – Tuesday, May 21st
  • Murder Houses for Sale: Buyers Beware With Barbara Corcoran, Psychic Anna Raimondi, and Melissa Moore – Tuesday, May 21st

Oz Investigates: All New Food Investigations

  • What’s the Truth Behind Concerning Headlines About Chicken Nuggets? – Monday, April 29th
  • The Truth About French Fries – Wednesday, May 1st
  • The Truth About Fast Food Burgers – Wednesday, May 1st
  • Pork and Bacon: Which Cuts to Buy for Your Family – Monday, May 6th
  • Are There Oz Approved Waffles and Pancakes? – Wednesday, May 8th
  • Are the New Light Breads Better Than Real Bread? – Monday, May 13th
  • Is Whole Wheat Really Better Than White? – Monday, May 13th
  • Meat Experts Reveal the Truth About the Deli Meat You’re Buying – Wednesday, May 15th
  • Deli Meat Investigation: Are Deadly Germs Lurking on the Meat Slicer? – Wednesday, May 15th
  • The Corn Chip and Tortilla Craze – Which is the Healthiest Choice? – Wednesday, May 15th
  • The Truth About Iced Coffees You Buy at the Supermarket – Monday, May 20th
  • The Truth About the Sweetener You’re Adding to Your Morning Tea or Coffee – Monday, May 20th
  • Cheap Chicken – What Are You Really Getting When You Pay Less? – Wednesday, May 22nd

Big Celebrity Sit Downs

  • Jennifer Garner Speaks Out on Her Latest Passion Project – Friday, April 26th
  • Tamar Braxton Reveals All About Her New Relationship and the Surprising Issues Plaguing Her Health – Monday, April 29th
  • Dr. Phil Teams Up With Dr. Oz to Investigate the Case of Gypsy Rose Blanchard – Thursday, May 2nd
  • Stedman Graham on Lessons in Leadership and Life With Oprah – Wednesday, May 8th
  • Life After Suicide With Jennifer Ashton – Thursday, May 16th
  • How Hip-Hop Rapper Fat Joe Lost the Fat – Monday, May 20th

Brand New! The Dish on Oz

All month long we have new episodes of The Dish on Oz. Featuring Daphne Oz and a rotating panel of her foodie friends, The Dish on Oz serves up the latest food trends, hottest recipes, and cooking hacks you need for the kitchen!

  • The Best Recipe Mashups We’ve Ever Tasted – Wednesday, May 1st
    The only thing better than eating your favorite foods? Combining them to make something even more delicious! In this episode of The Dish on Oz, our foodie hosts are bringing you the BEST food mashups! Daphne is in the kitchen with celebrity chef, Jamika Pessoa, as well as Food Network host and Iron Chef, Alex Guarnaschelli.
  • Sweet and Salty – Wednesday, May 8th
    This episode, it’s all about the ultimate taste combination – sweet and salty! Daphne is joined at the table by celebrity chef, Jamika Pessoa, as well as TV host and bestselling cookbook author, Maria Menounos. They’re dishing up the tastiest sweet and salty recipes for you to make at home!
  • My Big Fat Italian Dinner – Wednesday, May 15th
    Daphne welcomes you into the kitchen for her big fat Italian dinner, bringing you the must-have recipes for your next Italian meal. She is joined by celebrity chef, Jamika Pessoa; actress and Cooking Channel show host, Debi Mazar; and former boxing champion, daughter of Muhammad Ali, and cookbook author, Laila Ali.
  • Backyard BBQ – Wednesday, May 22nd
    We are gearing up for the unofficial kick-off to summer with our very own backyard barbecue! From burgers to ribs and potato salad, we have the essentials for fun in the sun. Daphne teams up with celebrity chef, Jamika Pessoa; TV host and bestselling cookbook author, Maria Menounos; and former boxing champion, daughter of Muhammad Ali, and cookbook author, Laila Ali.

May Kick Off Week Shows:



Hip-hop star Meek Mill opens up about his arrest at age 19 on charges he claims were false, and how he has been subjected to years of probation and jail time nearly his entire adult life. How he plans to change a failing system with his high-profile army. Plus, we investigate the Theranos scandal and how founder Elizabeth Holmes’ promise of diagnosing diseases from one tiny drop of blood turned was built on a house of cards.

FRIDAY, APRIL 26, 2019


We meet women who said angels appeared to them when they had near-death experiences. They recount what these beings looked like and what their messages were. Then, Jennifer Garner opens up about embracing change and a food truth that’s motivated her to start a new passion project. Plus, we surprise Jennifer with someone who has been one of her biggest inspirations.

MONDAY, APRIL 29, 2019


Recent recalls of chicken nuggets have consumers concerned. To find out how they’re really made and if they are safe to eat again, we gain exclusive access inside one of America’s biggest chicken nugget factories. Plus, Tamar Braxton opens up about her new relationship and the surprising issues plaguing her health. And, Dr. Pimple Popper takes on the horrible things you do to your face.



It’s one of the biggest unsolved murders in history. In a daytime exclusive, JonBenet’s father, John Ramsey speaks out about what really happened that fateful night, the speculation around his family, and the brand new DNA evidence that could bring him closer to finding his daughter’s killer.



We’re uncovering the myths and deceptions you’ve been told about your favorite fast food side. And, we have three healthier versions – all made from potatoes! Plus, we investigate rumors about your burgers. From the bun to the patty, we expose the truth about what you’re really getting at the drive-through. Plus, The Dish on Oz crew has the craziest food mashups of all time!



Her family’s story was told in the Farrah Fawcett movie Small Sacrifices. Diane Downs’ daughter opens up about how she learned what her birth mom did to her siblings and that she was born in prison. Plus, Dr. Phil shares his prison interview with Gypsy Rose Blanchard, a victim of her mother’s Munchausen by proxy syndrome, who is serving time for conspiring with her then-boyfriend to kill her mother.

FRIDAY, MAY 3, 2019


The latest updates about the missing mom who disappeared nearly 10 years ago and only left video clues behind. People have long suspected her husband Josh was responsible. Today, Susan’s mom, dad, sister, and Josh’s own sister voice their shocking theories about what happened to her. Plus, we meet the real life “mindhunter” who profiles and speaks to notorious serial killers.

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