The Dr. Oz Show Roars Into November With Need To Know Game Changers And Next Level Fixes For Your Health

Dr. Oz Explores A Whole New View Of Health With Celebrity Guests Bobby Brown, Mo’Nique, Christie Brinkley, Leah Remini And More Along With An Appearance By The U.S. Surgeon General

The Dr. Oz Show Roars Into November With Need To Know Game Changers And Next Level Fixes For Your Health

New York – (October 29, 2015) – The three-time Emmy® Award-winning, The Dr. Oz Show kicks off November with an all new, all-star lineup featuring Bobby Brown, Leah Remini, Christie Brinkley, Mo’Nique, Michael Strahan, Ashanti and more.  In a touching interview, Bobby Brown speaks openly about his life after extreme tragedy, addiction and fame.  Comedic actress and author, Leah Remini speaks out to Dr. Oz about what happens when your core beliefs are shattered and you have to rebuild your life after Scientology. Also this month, Oscar winner Mo’Nique joins Dr. Oz as co-host for the day to discuss how to get through the holidays without gaining weight – or going broke.  Then, world renowned model and actress Christie Brinkley shares all her secrets and shortcuts to looking and feeling your best with Dr. Oz.  Michael Strahan teaches Dr. Oz his “Strahan Rules” for world domination.  Later, Grammy winning R&B singer, Ashanti tells Dr. Oz about her latest Safe and Healthy Water Project, encouraging youth to hydrate.

Kicking off November and all month long Dr. Oz will feature “30 Ideas For Your Biggest Body Problems”.  These are next level fixes, including health game changers you’ll only see on The Dr. Oz Show and you won’t find online or anywhere else!  The series kicks off with a giant Dr. Oz “Fix or Fail Lab Experiment” featuring Shark Tank’s Lori Greiner, where experts and scientists test all the latest and greatest solutions you need to know about.

Continuing with the season long coverage of our national addiction epidemic, U.S. Surgeon General Vivek Murthy, M.D. appears to discuss the newly commissioned Surgeon General’s report on addiction.  Actress MacKenzie Phillips will also appear in that show to discuss her long road to recovery.  The November 10th broadcast will launch The National Night of Conversation, which provides a discussion guide for parents aimed at helping them conduct a conversation with their children about drugs.  The National Night of Conversation is slated for November 19th and is a partnership with Facing Addiction, Drugs Over Dinner and a roster of federal agencies, celebrities, and academic institutions all of which provided input for the guide.

Additional shows in November include what you need to know about smartphones, radiation and why it matters what cell phone case you use.  Also, Dr. Oz shares the three best insomnia fixes to help get you to sleep tonight.  Plus, Dr. Oz reveals the must have blueprint for regaining balance in your life once and for all.

November Sweeps Kick Off Week Shows:

Thursday, October 29: Having trouble fitting into your jeans? Dr. Oz reveals five things you can do today to beat the bloat by tomorrow and new ways to banish your bloat. Next, find out why people at home are trying at-home stool tests. The answer might surprise you! Then, an Oz Alert! Dr. Oz goes behind the headlines to find out the truth behind whether meat causes cancer. Later, Dr. Oz finds out why a new trend has women microwaving their armpits. Plus, Dr. Oz shows you how to banish those under-eye bags making you look tired.

Friday, October 30: Dr. Oz discusses the four popular health rules that you should ignore immediately. Next, do men really lose weight faster than women? Dr. Oz reveals the truth behind this mystery. Then, learn how to trick your family with these Halloween treats. Later, on “Today’s Conversation”, Dr. Oz discusses why you should freeze your tights.  Later, Dr. Oz reveals if wearing all black really makes you look skinny or if it is making you fat. And, would you try a leech treatment to look more beautiful? Dr. Oz discusses this newest fad.  Plus, Dr. Oz reveals guilt free Halloween candy.

Game Changers Month

Monday, November 2: Is it a fix or a fail? Start November off right by warding off your 30 biggest body problems, like cellulite, bad breath, and insomnia in only 30 days. Next, Dr. Oz shares the three best insomnia tricks to get you to sleep tonight. Then, Shark Tank star Lori Greiner experiments with the best chemical free cleaning ideas. Then, the plan to detect if gluten is actually exhausting you is here. Dr. Oz shares easy grain free solutions you can live by and not miss the gluten. Plus, do you love french fries but hate the guilt? Dr. Oz fills you in on three healthy substitutes that taste like the deep fried comfort food.

Tuesday, November 3: Dr. Oz welcomes Oscar winning actress Mo’Nique as his co-host for the day! Together, they discuss survival strategies to get through the holidays without gaining weight – or going broke. Next, in “Today’s Conversation”, just say no in November. Dr. Oz and Mo’Nique share two things to cross off your list right now. Plus, ask Mo’Nique anything. The star dishes her personal secrets on life, happiness, and weight. Later, the three truths about shaving your legs are exposed by Dr. Oz.

Wednesday, November 4: Dr. Oz discusses what you need to know about smartphones, radiation, and why it matters what cell phone case you use. Then, in “Today’s Conversation”, have you ever been lost in translation? Dr. Oz discusses the funniest health words from across the world. Next on the “Truth Tube”, Dr. Oz explores the issue of constant back pain. He examines the back pain busters you can do at home right now! Later, Dr. Oz shares anxiety busters for everyday situations.

Thursday, November 5: America’s favorite former professional athlete turned television star Michael Strahan joins Dr. Oz to discuss the three rules to win big and transform your life. And, Dr. Oz discusses why you should start your day the right way like Michael Strahan. Next, Dr. Oz explains why the way you cook your rice is important to your health. Then, is tea the cure-all you’ve been missing out on? Dr. Oz uncovers what the headlines don’t tell you and the correct way to brew. Plus, as part of our nationwide #NurseSearch, Dr. Oz looks at headache solutions that only a nurse would know. Finally, Dr. Oz visits the fix or fail lab to see if the latest solution for spider and varicose veins is good or garbage.

Friday, November 6: Dr. Oz is joined by TV weight loss coach Chris Powell to reveal the 3-day plan to shut down your cravings. Next, Dr. Oz shows you how to stop food cravings in ten minutes or less. Then, Dr. Oz talks with experts to see if orange juice can help you stay more alert and if the juicing trend is good for you or just another health fad. Ever see an exercise gadget on an infomercial and wonder if it works? Dr. Oz puts these gizmos to the test with former professional football star and funny man Terry Crews to see if they are a fix or fail.

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