Consumers are looking for products with fewer calories that still taste great.  PepsiCo has been working on ingredient innovation that can help to address this demand.


Senomyx has developed Sweetmyx, a flavor with modifying properties.  By adding Sweetmyx, the amount of sugar used in a product can be reduced while still maintaining great taste.  Sweetmyx is not a sweetener; but rather a flavor that boosts the taste of sugar.   As a result of using less sugar, the product will have fewer calories. 


Sweetmyx is safe; this was determined based on scientific data provided by Senomyx to an independent panel of experts.  Since 1960, the FEMA Expert Panel (Flavor and Extract Manufacturers Association), which is composed of independent experts in flavor safety assessment, has been evaluating the safety of food and beverage flavors.   March 2014, the FEMA Expert Panel determined Sweetmyx to be “Generally Recognized As Safe” (GRAS).    


As part of its collaboration with Senomyx, PepsiCo has the exclusive rights to use Sweetmyx in most non-alcoholic beverages.  With GRAS designation for Sweetmyx, our innovation teams are now starting the product development work, which will determine which products, timing, etc. 

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