Statement from Walmart About Tilapia

Thanks for reaching out. As we shared in detail with the Associated Press, we audited and investigated this facility and, gave it a Red rating earlier this year for failing to cooperate with the investigation, which means that suppliers cannot use the facility to produce products for sale by Walmart. The welfare and dignity of workers is very important to us, and we are working in several ways to help combat the use of forced labor in global supply chains. We have a system in place to assess suppliers' disclosed factories for compliance with our standards and take appropriate action when we do identify issues that need to be addressed.

Combatting forced labor is a complex problem that no one company, industry, or government can tackle alone. We have policies and protocols in place that help to identify risky areas and practices, but that is a partial solution. This is why we're driving collaborative solutions with industry groups, other retailers, governments and NGOs to create lasting, sustainable change.

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