Statement from the Veterinarian Regarding the Tanner Barton Case

What is your response to anyone who may believe you are directly or indirectly responsible for providing the drug Ketamine to Tanner Barton and others present at the home of ***** and **** ********* on April 21st-22nd 2012?

My response is a gigantic WHY? Firstly, WHY would I do such a thing at all, to anyone, ever? I have a strong belief in the sanctity of life, and would never dream of this action. WHY would I want to give another human being a drug, especially a controlled substance? Since becoming a homeopath in 2008, I won’t even offer someone an aspirin; ask those who know me. WHY would I possibly want to harm Tanner, or anyone? He was my youngest son’s very best friend all through high school; they were inseparable until Tanner went off to college in fall 2011. WHY would I want anything to do with ketamine, after it nearly cost my life in 2004, during my brief but highly publicized bout of chemical dependency, at the end of a year of struggling with seizures? WHY would Michele Barton believe I could do such a thing, and in fact, be so certain of it to create an elaborate theory of how it must have happened? WHY would she then publicly plead for testing for ketamine, when she knew it had already been done, twice, and found negative, according to the detective on the case? WHY did a local superior court judge quickly grant me a protective order for 2 years against Michele Barton in October 2015, after I presented a mound of evidence of harassment and intimidation, including violent threats by her and her friends/family? And WHY was this her third such order on record, with two prior orders by other people? And lastly, I have gone to visit law enforcement many times, voluntarily providing written statements and evidence of my version of what happened around the time of Tanner’s death, since Michele began publicly accusing me; I have hidden nothing from those in authority.

What would you like everyone to know about your connection to the case of Tanner Barton?

I would like everyone to know the only connection I have to the case of Tanner Barton is being in the same living room with him for about an hour after he arrived around 9:30 at the ********* house the evening of April 21, 2012. Tanner did not appear to be in the best shape, as he had gained a lot of weight during the off season, and he appeared very pale and tired. When someone mentioned this, he said he’d been up the last 48 hours straight trying to finish a school project, and didn’t feel well. He was obviously not his usual self, as noted by all present. I visited with him and the ********* family in plain sight of everyone there, ate a grilled cheese sandwich and drank a glass of water, before heading home to sleep at around 10:30pm. The next morning, I got a call from a member of the ********* family that something terrible had happened, and they found Tanner dead on the basement floor; they were frantic to call Tanner’s parents, but didn’t know their number, and asked if I did. I said no, but I was sure my son would know it, so I quickly called him and relayed the horrible news of Tanner’s death, and how no one knew his parent’s number to call. He said he wanted to call them, even though he was staying in Indianapolis at his older brother’s apartment. So he did. None of us had the presence of mind to let the authorities notify the parents, which may have been better, in hindsight, as everyone was in a state of shock that morning. This in a nutshell, is my only connection to the case of Tanner Barton, God rest his soul. Yet I’ve endured a constant barrage of personal and professional smears since about mid-2012, and there appears to be no end in sight.

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