Statement from the Pennsylvania Attorney General's Office on Ellen Greenberg's Case

Following the initial 2011 investigation carried out by the Philadelphia Police Department, our office received this case in 2018 on a conflict referral from the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office. We conducted our own thorough investigation to determine a manner of death—interviewing the chief medical examiner of Philadelphia, and the medical examiner who performed the autopsy, meeting with the family’s representatives, and reviewing information they provided to our attorneys, among other steps. Among the additional evidence we reviewed were web searches for “methods of committing suicide,” “quick death” and “depression” which were done on Ms. Greenberg’s personal computer in the weeks before her death, and text messages between Ms. Greenberg and a family member (her mother) shortly before her death showing the decedent in serious mental distress. Our Office has concluded that this evidence supports “Suicide” as the manner of death; accordingly, we have communicated our findings to the family through its representatives and have closed this investigation.

 – Jacklin Rhodes for The Philadelphia Attorney General’s Office

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