Statement from the National Fisheries Institute on Salmon

There is no question that mislabeled fish is fraud. Labeling farmed-raised salmon as wild-caught salmon is illegal and should be stopped. That’s why our members are all required to be members of the Better Seafood Board, the only industry-led anti-fraud group. However, we should keep in mind two things: 82 samples is not even remotely close to a representative sampling. So the percentage of fraud they found is only illustrative of their test and cannot be extrapolated to a larger population.

In addition, there are two types of “fish fraud” that need to be understood. One is species substitution and the other is menu mislabeling (or retail mislabeling). It would appear there is a menu and retail mislabeling situation in this case. This is not reflective of suppliers providing customers the wrong fish but of establishments erroneously labeling that fish. It is important to understand the difference because in each case there are different perpetrators and different victims.

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