Statement from the National Chicken Council

Over the last few decades, consumer preference has shifted from purchasing whole birds to chicken parts, in large part because of convenience and value. The safety of these products – whether the chicken is whole or cut up – is the highest priority for the poultry industry.

Both the government and the industry’s approach to keeping these products safe has evolved along with these shifting preferences. We’ve treated food safety as a non-competitive issue in the industry, invested millions of dollars in research and technology, increased testing for Salmonella and other bacteria, and have taken many steps – before the egg is even hatched – to make sure all chicken is as safe as possible before it reaches grocery stores and restaurants.

These efforts, along with USDA’s new performance standards for chicken parts, have been paying off. Based on the most-recent USDA data, the industry is meeting and exceeding the performance standards for both whole birds and chicken parts.

Consumers at home are our partners, too, in the food safety chain and should remember all chicken is safe to eat when properly handled and cooked. For more information about what the industry is doing to keep these products safe, and steps at home to ensure safe handling and cooking, visit Chicken Check-In at

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