Statement From the Karolyis' Attorney Regarding Allegations Against Dr. Larry Nassar

The Karolyis had no knowledge of the troubling and distressing allegations against Dr. Larry Nassar until they learned of his dismissal from USA Gymnastics during the summer of 2015.  At the National Training Camps, the Karolyis encouraged the attending athletes to eat well, sleep well, and train with heart.  The Karolyis vehemently deny the existence of a “toxic” environment. They are humbled by their respective opportunities to contribute to the dedicated work required to transform USA Women's Gymnastics into a top-ranked world program. In addition, the Karolyis were never aware that Dr. Nassar 1) would be performing any procedures which are now the subject of the present litigation or 2) visiting athletes in their rooms without supervision. Finally, the Karolyis will not offer an opinion on any athlete’s veracity relative to their statements to the media considering pending litigation.

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