Statement from The Bureau of Professional Licensing on the Fata Investigation

The Bureau of Professional Licensing is housed in the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA)

Bureau of Professional Licensing – Fata Investigation

In June 2010, the Bureau of Professional Licensing (then within the MI Dept. of Community Health) received an allegation against Fata from Angela Swantek. It was investigated and closed without issuance of an administrative complaint in May 2011.There are many things that go into an investigation.  Unfortunately, there simply was not enough information available to the Department at that time to substantiate the allegation. Significantly, the Department, based on interviews with facility staff, was not able to confirm that Ms. Swantek was ever at Dr. Fata’s facility. This lack of confirmation affected the course of the Department’s investigation. Department did not have information on other investigations that may have been going on during this time.The bureau did conduct an 8/26/10 interview by telephone with the complainant and later did a facility site visit at Dr. Fata’s new location. However,  the site listed in the original complaint was closed shortly after the complaint was filed with bureau, leaving only an inspection at the new facility as evidence of something that may or may not have happened at the old facility.Because the allegation could not be substantiated after interviews with Swantek, several nursing staff at Dr. Fata’s place of business and an inspection of Dr. Fata’s new location, the matter was closed and therefore a formal Administrative Complaint was not prepared and the matter never progressed on to the Disciplinary Subcommittee.Because there was no substantiation of the original allegations, the protocol did not call for further action at that time.  In August 2013, the FBI confiscated medical records from the clinics and made inquiries to LARA regarding Fata. Though Fata was licensed as an MD, Fata clinics are not state licensed or federally certified. In addition, there was an allegation against Fata received by the bureau on 8/23/13. It was initiated by the bureau based on information alleging negligence, incompetence, and promoting unnecessary services.  The Department opened an new file based on this new allegation. As a result, an Order of Summary Suspension and an Administrative Complaint were issued in Oct. 2013 against Fata.On January 27, 2014, Michigan’s Medical Board's Disciplinary Subcommittee (DSC) revoked Fata’s medical license. Fata requested a reconsideration of the revocation; in July 2014 the DSC denied that request, and in Aug 2014 a Final Order denying the request for reconsideration was issued.His medical license remains revoked.  

Statement from Kim Gaedeke, Director, Bureau of Professional Licensing

“In order to better protect the health of Michigan citizens, the legislature under Public Act 95 of 2014 authorized the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs to implement new procedures allowing the Bureau of Professional Licensing to open an investigation when new information is presented, rather than wait for an allegation to be filed.  In light of this opportunity, the Department is actively evaluating process improvements in all areas.  For example, the Department is reaching out to other investigative agencies to establish relationships that will allow for the appropriate exchange of information.”

“These changes take time, however, and some will require a change in the law.  In the meantime, the Department is working closely with the Department of Attorney General to ensure it is doing all it can within the confines of its regulatory authority to protect the health, safety and welfare of Michigan’s citizens.”

Jason Moon
Communications Director
Dept. of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs

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