Statement from Attorney Matthew Boyer

The Medical Society has asked me to respond to your inquiry of last Friday on its behalf. As I was one of the attorneys involved in issues that arose in 2010-2012 arising from the horrible sexual abuse committed by Earl Bradley on his pediatric patients, I have some historical information that might help put the matter in context.

Before responding to your specific questions, please know that the members and staff of the Medical Society of Delaware continue to offer their concern and prayers on behalf of Bradley's victims and their families. We all need to work together to make sure that the necessary resources are in place for the healing process to continue. Consistent with its mission, the Medical Society of Delaware and its members will continue to work to enhance the health and well-being of our communities.

As background, you should know that the allegations that the Medical Society of Delaware failed to take appropriate action in connection with Earl Bradley were thoroughly vetted in court and never substantiated. On the contrary, in a November 19, 2012 decision that resolved civil litigation against numerous defendants arising from Earl Bradley’s crimes, the Delaware Superior Court noted that it had “raised serious questions regarding the legal bona fides of the class action plaintiffs’ claims against the Medical Society of Delaware and the individual defendants,” and that the Court had itself “expressed its skepticism regarding the legal viability of the claims against” the Medical Society of Delaware and the individual defendants.

As to your specific questions, we hope the following responses and clarifications are helpful:

Question 1: “Are the statements above regarding the [Medical Society] true?”

Answer: While the Medical Society of Delaware received a facsimile from Earl Bradley’s sister regarding her brother’s physical appearance, spending habits, and his odd behavior in general, neither that document nor any other communication received by the Medical Society of Delaware alerted it to the possibility that Earl Bradley had sexually abused his pediatric patients. As noted above, the Court that thoroughly reviewed the claims to the contrary against the Medical Society of Delaware expressed skepticism regarding those claims.

Question 2: “If so, what if anything would the Delaware Medical Society have done differently.”

Answer: Had the Medical Society of Delaware been alerted to the possibility of such criminal conduct, it would have immediately alerted the appropriate authorities.

Question 3: “What will be done moving forward to make sure all concerns are investigated?”

Answer: In the wake of Bradley's crimes, The Medical Society of Delaware worked with the Delaware General Assembly and the Delaware Division of Professional Regulation as they enacted extensive statutory revisions to the laws governing the medical profession in Delaware. It is the Society's fervent hope that sufficient safeguards and best practices are now firmly in place to protect patients and to ensure that something like this never happens again.

Under these new laws, the State’s Division of Professional Regulation has been tasked with evaluating and investigating concerns relating to the practice of medicine. We would encourage you to contact the Delaware Division of Professional Regulation for more information regarding that process.

Thank you for giving the Medical Society an opportunity to respond to your questions. Please confirm that you have received this response.

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