Onnit's Statement on Nootropics

Onnit's Alpha BRAIN is the only Earth Grown nutrient based Nootropic available with two randomized human clinical trials totaling over 80 subjects, showing statistically significant improvements in the memory, processing speed and overall performance markers of healthy adults.  These trials conducted by the Boston Center for Memory are particularly important to the field of nootropics because they showed performance improvements on healthy, intelligent individuals with no cognitive deficiencies.  There are very few trials even attempted on that class of subjects, and even fewer that show statistical significance.  We have sold over 21 million capsules without any serious adverse events reported, and both clinical trials were well tolerated, demonstrating an impeccable safety profile.  https://www.onnit.com/clinical-studies/

While there may be a cognitive benefit in some of these instances, often times you will have to 'pay your taxes' on the back end, much like the crash associated with coffee.  The best rule of thumb is to choose nootropics using Earth grown ingredients with a long history of use, that also has clinical research indicating the effects you are desiring. Alpha BRAIN and a select few other nootropics meet that criteria.  

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