The Day-Off Diet: Download the Plan

Print out the complete plan to reach your health and diet goals once and for all!

The Day-Off Diet: Download the Plan

Start the Day-Off Diet to help you reach your weight-loss goals this year. Building on past successful diet plans, along with adding in the latest science from top experts Dr. Oz's new plan gives you the one thing you've always wanted in a diet – a day off! Pick one day a week to splurge and eat whatever you want while on the plan, which will help you stick to it and get results that last. 

The building blocks of the plan are simple. After starting your day with hot water with lemon, your daily menu will include the options to eat or drink your breakfast, and then plan out your lunch, dinner, and snacks for the rest of the day with the help of this shopping list. Plus, don't forget to take the Day-Off Diet assessment to find out which social support group you belong in as you start the plan. With this many tips and tools on top of a day to take completely off, this diet is an easy, healthy lifestyle change that you can really sustain. 

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