Is It Possible to Exercise & Have a Clean House Too?

Make time for it all.

Take a walk outside OR mop the kitchen floor... Watch that yoga video OR vacuum the living room carpet... Sometimes it can feel there just aren't enough hours in the day for everything. Self-care or home care — something's gotta give, right?

You can make time for yourself while having a clean house too. While you're bringing up that workout on your phone, just tap into the Roborock vacuum app to get the cleaning started. You spend time exercising while Roborock quietly vacuums your rugs and mops your hard floors. It seamlessly switches between tasks in one cleaning session. Plus, it's pretty sleek. It looks clean and intentional in any room when not being used.

Watch the video to see how System Oz trainer, Heidi Kristoffer, puts her self-care first while putting Roborock to use.