The Birth Control Pill: Fight Cancer and More


The benefits of taking the birth control pill aren’t limited to lighter and more regular periods. Studies have shown that taking the birth control pill after the age of 40 can reduce your risk of ovarian cancer by half. It can also help you fight colon, uterine and breast cancers. Learn more.

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More Advice from the Experts

  • Ovarian Cancer Symptom Diary

    Detecting ovarian cancer early is vital. Print this chart to track your symptoms daily and then bring it with you to your doctor.
  • Dr. Oz's Silent Cancer Checklist

    Learn how to decode the warning signs and symptoms of 3 silent cancers that affect women. Awareness is your best defense against deadly cancers that are hard to detect. If you find that you are exhibiting any of the following symptoms on a persistent basis, contact a physician and get yourself checked out. Be proactive about protecting your health.
  • Reduce Your Risk of Ovarian Cancer

    From knowing your family history to adjusting your diet, learn the 3 steps you can take to protect yourself now.
  • Ovarian Cancer: Stopping a Silent Killer

    Ovarian cancer kills thousands of women each year, but it shouldn't. New research is shedding light on how to prevent this deadly cancer, and early detection can save your life. Here's what you need to know.
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