Meet Your System Oz Personal Trainers

These celebrity coaches and fitness experts are your new personal trainers for the System Oz whole-body wellness plan! They've got all the tips and tricks to help you get moving and build strength from the inside out.


Nina hails from Denmark and shares her love of fitness and health with her 1.6 million Instagram followers. The tomboy-turned-supermodel was named Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Rookie of the Year in 2012 and has been featured by countless high-fashion magazines and international brands. Now, the entrepreneur is focusing on her new exercise and nutrition brand The Agdal Method, bringing you low-impact workouts incorporating aspects of yoga and pilates that you can do right at home. But Nina's about more than just physical results -- she wants to connect your mind and body, leaving you strong and healthy inside and out.



Image of Parcell Dugger


This Brooklyn native is one of the top coaches and wellness experts in the fitness industry. Percell founded the GOODWRK brand in 2013 to help make exercising sustainable and attainable through personal training and group classes. His work has been featured on the cover of Self magazine, as well as in other high-profile brands. Percell also works as a high school strength and conditioning coach and is a group instructor with RISE by WeWork. When he's not on the mic teaching classes, Percell serves as the president and co-founder of Fit For Us, an organization that empowers and serves Black fitness professionals and underserved communities.


Image of Jeanette Jenkins


Jeanette comes with 30 years of experience as a celebrity trainer and health coach. Through her online workouts and daily motivation, she encourages millions across her social media channels. And over at her online healthy living club The Hollywood Trainer, she offers hundreds of exercise programs to stream and tons of delicious recipes. Just ask her clients Pink, Alicia Keys, Mindy Kaling, Chris Bosh and Shonda Rhimes. Jeanette is here to educate, motivate and inspire you to live a healthy life.



Image of Yusuf Myers


Yusuf's 360-degree approach to fitness will transform your body, mind and spirit. He's the creator of the PRX Workouts brand and has appeared across many high-level brands like Inside Edition, Fox & Friends, Men's Fitness, Daily Mail, and more. In 2011, he was a lead trainer on MTV's hit show "I Used to Be Fat," which followed the weight-loss journey of people who had battled obesity since childhood. When the pandemic hit, he took his expert advice online with free group classes and converted challenges that could be done at home. Yusuf's mission is to motivate and help you get healthy, and this New Yorker hopes to leave a heartfelt impact.


Image of Mary Helen Bowers


At just 15 years old, Mary received a full scholarship to train at the prestigious School of American Ballet in Manhattan. And just one year later, she joined the New York City Ballet, dancing with the company for a decade at Lincoln Center and around the world. Now, with her Ballet Beautiful brand, she's making the art of classic dance accessible for everyone. Mary's fun and transformative at-home workout and wellness program reach people in over 130 countries. Her famous clients include A-list celebrities, supermodels and Victoria's Secret angels. And you can even thank her for Natalie Portman's Oscar-winning performance in "Black Swan." Mary was her trainer for the global blockbuster.


Image of Troy Brooks


Troy is a respected wellness expert in New York City, having worked as both a strength coach and a group fitness coach. He's been featured across media brands like Men's Fitness, Travel & Leisure, Shape and PopSugar. Troy specializes in pre- and post-natal training, as well as group training, mobility, functional strength and conditioning. Bringing a three-dimensional approach to health, he focuses on your mindset and movement through behavior-changing strategies. Troy is here to give you the tools you need to make sustainable changes and reach your goals.



Margo, a yoga teacher and wellness blogger, begins each class with this mantra: "Yoga is inclusive, not exclusive." She wants to make health and wellness accessible for people of all backgrounds and those from underrepresented groups. Margo will lead you through a blend of Vinyasa flows, mindful movements and meditation. When she's not on the mat, Margo can be found writing, reading and spending time with her family.


Image of Kristina Centenaries


Get ready to move in Kristina's classes. The New York City group instructor and personal trainer will take you through a boxing-inspired cardio workout, a great hybrid of physical and mental strength. All you need is your body and space to move! You're in good hands with Kristina. She dedicated her life to fitness after finishing her career as a Division 1 multi-sport athlete.



As a master trainer with the Spartan obstacle racing company, Gabe is prepared to put you to the test. He works out of New York City and specializes in the coordinated movement of both your body and mind. You'll join him in a strength- and resistance-based workout, using a light mini band to engage all your muscles from head to toe.


These Everyday Activities You Probably Already Do Count as Exercise

Yes, that means your household chores, family care and commute.

Everyone knows that they need to exercise to stay healthy. The CDC recommends you get 150 minutes of physical activity a week — which comes out to about 30 minutes a day, five days a week. Now, if you have long work days, have a family to take care of, or don't exactly know where to begin, that can seem like a lot of structured fitness.

But even with your busy lifestyle, you could be doing things that already count as physical activity! Yes, that means your household chores, family care and commute. The National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute says you can get a moderate-intensity work out and reduce your sedentary time by washing and waxing a car for 45–60 minutes; washing windows, floors, etc for 45–60 minutes; gardening for 30–45 minutes; pushing a stroller 1.5 miles in 30 minutes; or shoveling snow for 15 minutes.

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