Norwegian Salmon With Matcha Spice Rub

While matcha is typically thought of as a metabolism-boosting ingredient in your favorite beverages, it isn't just for lattes and smoothies. This superfood powder can be incorporated into your favorite healthy meals, too! In this recipe by chef Ming Tsai, the combination of matcha with salmon makes for a savory meal that's packed with omega-3s and ideal for fighting inflammation. You can even save time by preparing the matcha oil and spice rub in advance, and when you're ready to eat, simply coat the salmon in the rub and toss it in the pan.

Kosher salt
2 cups Grape seed oil
1/2 cup Ground raw white sesame seeds
1 tsp White pepper (finely ground)
4 4-ounce pieces of center cut Norwegian salmon
1 tbsp Fresh ginger (julienned)
1 cup Edamame (peeled)
Juice and zest from 1 lemon
1 tbsp Tamari
2 tbsp Chives (chopped)
1/2 cup Matcha powder (plus 4 tbsps)

To make the matcha oil, add 1/2 cup of matcha powder and a pinch of kosher salt to a dry sauté pan on medium heat, mix, and slowly heat the ingredients until they are slightly smoking.

Whisk in the grape seed oil and set aside. When the oil is cool enough, transfer the oil to a glass jar and set aside. Let jar stand for 4 hours for proper separation. Do not stir the jar.

To make the matcha spice rub, mix together the white sesame seeds, remaining 4 tbsps. of matcha powder, white pepper, and a pinch of kosher salt on a plate.

Place the salmon in the spice mix and coat well so that all sides are coated.

In a sauté pan, add enough of the matcha oil to cook the fish, about 1 tablespoon total. (You can save the rest of the oil for cooking other dishes.) Add the salmon and cook about 1 minute per side, 4 minutes total.

Remove the salmon from the sauté pan and let rest.

Place salmon on watercress and garnish the fish with ginger, edamame, lemon zest, lemon juice, tamari, and chives.